Get Moving! It may save your life!

Get Moving! It may save your life!

This sounds obvious to most people: sitting increases your risk of gaining weight, losing lean muscle mass, and increasing the likelihood of lower back pain in the future. I had previously discussed the evidence of moderate to vigorous exercise and its preventative role in CVD, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cancer; but did I mention the general mood enhancing effects of performing a planned exercise component of physical activity? I can tell you from personal experience that running makes me feel great!

It’s also no surprise the human body was made for movement! Sitting doesn’t really do the 640 muscles and 206 bones, complete with complex joints, any justice. The ACSM tells us that lack of physical activity and sitting too much are two major contributing factors to the U.S. obesity epidemic. Studies beginning in the 1950’s have shown that men in physically active jobs had less coronary artery disease than their inactive counterparts.

If it feels like I am repetitive you are getting the message, let’s get active!

The ACSM has made my job easy by providing a short brochure that helps to plan activity and gives a little scientific research regarding physical inactivity! Please click HERE to access this brochure!

How do you prefer to get your extra physical activity?

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