Weight Loss – The Short of It!

The most likely reason that people seek out fitness advice is simply because they would like to lose weight. With that said I just wanted to break down the essentials of Nutrition as it applies to weight loss.

While most people are considering what the next big diet is going to be; those who are serious about changing their bodies are looking at lifestyle changes. I’ll let you in on a little secret; Diets do not work (not for the long haul that is). Although diets have been shown to reduce weight, rarely do they keep the weight lost off. We will consider the following to be the Weight Loss Rules:

1 pound of fat = 3,500 Calories
In order to reduce weight Calories Expended must be less than those consumed.

That’s it! Now, in order to support these weight loss rules it’s important to assess what it is that you are eating. Considering everyone who is reading this has access to a computer there is an easy tool to produce the caloric data of your diet. Visit MyFitnessPal and download their app! It makes the process of calculating intake and expenditure a breeze and even allows you to scan in labelled foods for ease.

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